I am not ashamed of this.

I thinks it is time I confess some of my reading habits. 

1. When I bought a book of which I also loved the cover, I sometimes buy the Kindle version as well. Yes, just to keep it as new.

Some people can read a book and put it back in their bookshelf like no one ever touched it. Well, not me. I hate this about myself, but I always get folds and chocolate stains in it (I like to eat chocolate while reading, maybe I shouldn’t).

2. Sometimes I compare people I encounter with fictional characters.

I once compared someone to Shakespeare’s ‘Iago’ (from Othello), which was totally permissible.

3. I sniff my newly purchased books. 

I can’t help it! Love the smell. I can’t be the only one, right?

4. I have different “categorized” piles of books in every imaginable place in my house. 

I have a nice bookshelf which is half full, because I have all of these small piles of “currently reading”, “want to read”, “nice covers” and “just finished” -books. In my mind they are perfectly categorized, but to anyone else it probably just looks like a lot of piles of books.

5. I read at least three books at the same time. 

I need to have different books for different times of the day: a ‘before I go to sleep’-book, a ‘during the day’-book, and a book that is really light for when my mind is blur after listening to too many lectures in one day.

So these are my weird reading habits, anyone who recognizes this? Or anyone who has other habits to share? Please, tell me!!

I am not ashamed of this.

16 thoughts on “I am not ashamed of this.

  1. BlackLaceandGlitter says:

    My habits are needing to keep books in a ‘new’ condition, no matter how many times I’ve read them, and needing books by the same author to be together, whether there’s 2 of them or 12…

  2. Nothing to be ashamed of at all. I love the way new books smell! And I compare people to fictional characters all the time. I’m really into cosplay so I’m constantly deciding what characters my friend would best portray.

  3. I don’t think your habits are unusual at all. I’ve been known to smell my books occasionally and my family knows not to rearrange the books on my bookshelf. I have them in a certain order and I will know if they’ve been moved! See, we are all a little on the weird side!! 🙂

    1. Good to know I am not the only one! Glad you don’t have the chocolate one, because that one is really bad, I find chocolate stains all the time in my books :p

  4. I like to keep my books under my pillows or somewhere within reach from my bed because I get sleepless halfway into the night and so I can just turn over and get one 🙂

  5. Oh, how I love the smell of books! Especially really old ones! (Some people find that really grows, they say it is probably mold or something I’m smelling, but I don’t care, I really like it 🙂 Does that make me weird? 😛 )

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